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Empire State Petroleum Association

About ESEA
56 Clifton Country Road, Suite 108
Clifton Park, NY 12065
Phone: (518) 280-6645
Fax: (518) 280-6670
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About ESEA

Welcome to ESEANY.ORG, your one-stop source for the latest consumer information and industry news concerning heating fuels in New York state. If you're an Oilheat customer (or thinking of becoming one), feel free to explore the many benefits of today's Oilheat ... find a premier Oilheat dealer near you ... discover the reasons why full service companies offer you great value for your energy dollar ... learn quick and easy conservation tips to help you save energy and money, and more!

ESEA And if you're a energy marketer or industry supplier who is not yet a member of ESEA, this is the place to learn about who we are, what we do and how it can all benefit you when you become a member. We hope you join us soon!

Who We Are

Founded in 1941 as the Empire State Petroleum Association (ESPA), the Empire State Energy Association (ESEA) is a trade association representing 200 energy marketers throughout the state of New York. ESEA's members are an important part of New York's economy and they support the state's network of businesses through the storage and distribution of gasoline, diesel, aviation, heating and industrial fuels, generating over $4.5 billion annually in New York State.

The energy industry is vital to New York's economy. There are more than 32,000 people employed throughout the industry in both wholesale and retail positions. In addition, there are many thousands more in related operations that support the industry. Petroleum marketers provide heating oil service to more than 2.6 million households - approximately 50% of the state's population - as well as supplying gas and diesel fuel for the 8.4 million registered automobiles and 1.3 million trucks and buses in New York.

Through the years, we've evolved to continually meet the needs of those we represent and serve. And that evolution is still taking place. With the advent of utility deregulation, our members are faced with many challenges and new choices and opportunities. We pledge to hold true to our steadfast commitment to providing key, timely information about developments affecting their marketplace, and to work effectively with government to give our members a unified voice in shaping policies that affect their businesses and industry at large.

Our Mission

  1. To promote the interest of the jobber, distributor, reseller, retailer, consignee and commission agent in motor fuels (other than service dealers), heating oils, petroleum products, solid fuels and other related products and services in the State of New York;
    1. to foster trade and commerce;
    2. to discuss common problems;
    3. to promote a more encouraging and friendly intercourse;
    4. to secure and disseminate to its members any and all legal and proper information which may be of interest or value to any member thereof; Sub-sections (a), (b), (c) and (d) above are in the interest of those engaged in the activities as enumerated.
  2. Generally, to do all things intended to elevate the standards, dignity and repute of the industry so as to better serve the public.

Our Executive Officers

Marcia Booth - Main Care Energy – Chairperson
Joe Alonzo – Wever Petroleum - President
Kris DeLair - Director


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